Making Online Work Pay,Understanding Your Value Proposition.

1759287325014724 EXXuPglX b Making Online Work Pay,Understanding Your Value Proposition.You’re here because you want to earn a living doing what you love and working online and you have a feeling that discovering your passion opens the door to financial success and security. Not so I ‘m afraid, first you must learn how to convert that talent, your passion, into  some sort of value to others.That’s about taking the very cool business idea, born out of a passionate desire yourself and building a value proposition around it.

A value proposition is business and marketing speak for why a customer should buy a product or service of yours compared with others in your niche. It’s about what you do differently and how you bring about incredible value. It’s not about selling on price alone, a sure way to end up broke.

It’s far more than doing a bit of Internet research and asking your mates down the pub whether you think its got legs. Here’s where a clear business model comes in to create online business opportunities. Very few people actually get to this place of moving forward with the idea, mainly due to motivation reasons as you question yourself , your abilities and put excuses in the way so if you’ve got this far, give yourself a pat on the back right now.

Let’s start with highlighting what you’ve got to offer online above larger  traditional and established businesses;

  • You’re unique with a multitude of experiences and a knowledge bank to boot which means you spot opportunities that others miss.
  • As a free-spirited online solopreneur you can be flexible in all aspects of your offer.
  • You’ve identified your passion and have got what it takes to make the idea a reality.
  • You’re overheads are low, after all, all you really need is a laptop, a hosting account and a website.
  • You are the brand and can short-cut the decision-making process above other businesses that take ages to respond to customers.
  • You’re not just in it for the money, its about making a difference, helping others and bringing a new perspective and innovative edge to your marketplace.

So bear these competitive advantages in mind whilst you venture through the value proposition stage and begin establishing your brand and product and service development.

Step 1-What’s Your Value Proposition?

190558627953304123 YsgHzThx c Making Online Work Pay,Understanding Your Value Proposition.All business works on one simple principle, which is this, the price of a product or service fluctuates in response to how much you need it. You’ve got to decide what needs your demographic group have in common by working out exactly what they want and identifying what’s vitally important to them. Our primary purpose here is to satisfy an unmet need by providing the solution and solving their problem for them. Unmet needs are both essential and desired needs. Your business strategy needs to be clear, concise and obvious to those you wish to attract.

What exactly are you offering, to whom and how?

So start by brainstorming your ideal customer. What are their frustrations, desires,perceptions, concerns and limitations?

How are they currently dealing with this?

Many traditional business sectors already cover the online space by providing a service or product offering that can be purchased online. Indeed many mainstream sectors have had to adapt to the gruelling competition brought around by the Internet or face decline, namely the retail sector, travel industry and music and entertainments sector where  products and online downloads are instant and cheaper than purchases from the high street.

Professional and information services along with online education offer many interesting opportunities for those with a specialist pool of knowledge they can provide.

Next, consider how those needs are currently being met within your market and how you might be able to develop a service or a specific product offering that takes it a stage further and offers an alternative to what’s out there.

Then its about deciding on the content of your offer and price. Here you’ve got to get clarity on what you’re worth and learn how to value yourself properly from the outset. If you need help with getting into the right mindset then read this;

Cheap and Chearless Or Priceless?

Step 2-How To Translate That Value Proposition Into Credible Marketing Copy

Next step is learning how to translate the need into powerful copy to communicate credibly and connect deeply on a multitude of levels.

Operating a successful business online is challenging and competitive but there is always room for quality in any niche.

Factors Worth Considering in the Online Business Model;

These tactics come from a mixture of my experiences of business offline, years of grafting in the trenches for my customers and understanding the mechanics of pitching, relationship-building and delivering more than you committed to, as well as working online for the last couple of years.

Quality wins every time so think about how your offer is irresistible compared with others and that doesn’t mean it has to be the cheapest. It’s about how specifically you can help people and what business results you’re able to deliver for them.

If you’re focusing on their pain barrier then you’re helping them avoid something;

  • Being in debt                                                                                                              42150946482692941 JRWgADjP c Making Online Work Pay,Understanding Your Value Proposition.
  • Negative Emotions
  • Ill health
  • Overweight

Whilst we all like to avoid pain of some kind in my experience people respond more positively to what they gain from you so ideally focus your efforts in meeting those needs or at least a balance of gain as well as pain. For example;

  •     Gain clarity and peace of mind
  •     Work where you want, when you want, doing what you love.
  •     Be all you know you can be.
  •     Discover your passion and purpose.
  •     Enjoy the freedom and independence of being your own boss.
  •     Fulfill your potential


Keep refining who it is you work with and make sure those people are used as case studies whilst at the same time telling people what you won’t/can’t do and detracting those that don’t fit your customer profile type.

Focus on developing your reputation for becoming known for something very specific. The best solopreneurs seem to have developed this beautifully from Tim Ferris and the four hour work week and all other 4 hour add-ons he’s expanded on or jonathon Fields over at :                                 .

Put in the hard yards, build your personality, presence and give generously.

Let people see what you’re about in terms of values and ethics. Writing compelling tailored copy is about ensuring a congruent approach to your work and expressing all of YOU. Invite people to sign up for more with some decent free content. Have you downloaded my guide yet ?

Wake Up- How To Do What You Love and Still Have Time To Play, if not, then sign up on the right and receive your own free copy today, it’s packed full of insights and wisdom to help steer you in the right direction.

Contrary to what you may have come to believe its not just about the volume of your subscribers or size of your following that will translate to tangible income and profitable sales. It is extremely hard to build an income purely from blogging even if you have a subscriber list to die for.

Step 3-Testing Your Value Proposition

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.

Alan Cohen
Inspirational Author, Speaker and Teacher

Finally it’s about getting on with it and testing and refining as you go. Marketing online takes effort, persistence and bags of passion. Very rarely will what you end up with be exactly what you started with. You need to build momentum by inviting feedback and surveying potential prospects and existing customers to pinpoint the effectiveness of your proposition.

Identify who has the kind of audience you’re looking for then consider the possibility of sharing lists, offering guest blogging posts and PPC campaigns.

Don’t forget offline strategies either to help build your audience online, a launch workshop maybe an ideal opportunity to gage interest and seek customer opinion whilst at the same time making a small profitable return from the concept.

So what will you do with this information?

It’s never too late to get started online and build a brand around your professional knowledge so if you want to make 2013 the year you finally quit the excuses and get that online business venture off the ground then get in touch and we’ll coach you through your value proposition.




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